Rebuilding Raleigh Twenty pedals

Almost every Twenty I have seen has had pedals with loose worn out bearings with a bunch of side to side play. It's pretty disappointing to pedal one of these bikes to have your feet slide side to side on the pedals so I decided to rebuild the pedals.

First step is to lever off the cap at the end of the spindle with a screwdriver then lever off the locking circlip, there is usually two of these

The spindle should be free now, pull it out and grease the bearing surfaces

Use some washers and circlips to shim out any play

Replace the circlips and use a socket or something similar to hammer the circlips in

If you have used the right amount of washers you should have eliminated almost all of the play in the pedal. Last step is to replace the cap. Your old Raleigh pedals should be spinning smoothly and quietly now with no play. Happy pedalling


  1. Very cool! Much thanks for posting this! I wasn't aware that these pedals could be taken apart and then put back together. Must do the same for mine now...

  2. Hmm. My pedals were slightly different from yours- same style but from 1969. Instead of circlips, mine had a nylon lock washer holding it together. And the end cap no longer stays on once it was taken off.

    By the way, the rust will come right off of your chrome when rubbed with a bit of crumpled aluminum foil. WD-40 or some other lubricant will help the process.

  3. Hi, good job. My wifes pedal flew off the other day the end cap has gone missing along with the circ clip. What size clip did you use and where did you buy them. Cheers

  4. Hi there,
    I was lucky enough not to have my pedals fly off so I had the originals, however if you measure the dimensions of the axle and the cap you may be able to improvise.

  5. Great article thank you.

    Might be a silly question - but how do you get these pedals off the cranks?

  6. Hey there, the pedals are removed from the cranks with a standard pedal wrench.

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