Winter wonderland

For the first, and probably the last time this year it snowed decently in London, so I decided to go for a midnight ride around my neighbourhood.  I've never ridden in snow and it really wasn't that hard, just starting in fresh snow is a bit difficult and I imagine if it was deeper it may be near impossible.  I'm glad to have a bike like the Superbe, all the drivetrain and brakes are completely sealed from the snow and muck. Riding in snow felt a bit like riding on a firmer but slippery sand to me, so the ability to feather the drum brakes really helped in controlling it; although this didn't really prevent many near falls!  Enjoy the pics.

It snowed through the night and stopped very conveniently for the morning, most of the main roads were salted but ice had frozen in under the snow which made it a bit difficult to go down the less well travelled roads or paths which hadn't been salted.  Also I had to dodge many snowballs thrown by groups of kids, although I must admit I was guilty of throwing a few myself.

brakes still worked even when covered in snow!

Finished off with a Sunday roast


  1. I would love to ride in snow. I reckon that has to go on my list of things to do in the next few years. :)