Farewell good friend, hello to a new one

Well I'm sad to say, I mentioned this in a previous post but I am heading back to Australia for a month and I'm bringing Mr Ramen with me and it's staying there.  It's been a good 3 1/2 years since I started the build from quite humble origins.  The frame has changed and there aren't a whole lot of parts that are left from the original build.   I've done a whole lot of rides on it, and have had some great times.  Since I probably won't be back in oz for a while yet, it's going to stay in storage at my father's house in Sydney.  Here are some of the more memorable rides I've had with it:

London to Brighton, around the time I first moved to the UK

Cycling around Kent

The French Alps

The French Alps

The Isle of Wight
You might ask why I've decided to do this, well it took a it of consideration but basically it came down to wanting a more modern bike to do more riding on and making more use of the Cinelli I had packed up at home.  I have taken it apart and have sold the frame and wheels from the Cinelli, but have kept the Campagnolo Athena groupset and am taking it back with me to London to build a new bike.  Ultimately I really want a bike with modern conveniences; a wide gear range with shifting at the levers, disc brakes and more clearance for larger tyres.  The type of riding I intend to do with it will still be the same, mostly it will be the same kind of bike.  A bike that can do it all.

Safely back in Sydney, albeit with the forks sticking out the bottom of the box...

It's sad to see you go Mr Ramen, we've had some fun times.  Even though your gear shift may have been a bit stiff, and not so perfect because it was hobbled together, we had some good times.


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