Just go around it you goose!

 This is what I heard as I was taking a snapshot of a truck parked right over the contra-flow bike lane on Wilson St Newtown.  This certainly isn't the first time it's happened.  The driver yells out to me "I'm making a delivery!"   Granted he actually was, but going around it means exposing yourself to oncoming traffic for the length of a truck and having to hop over the white kerb twice to do so - it is also zoned as No Stopping.  I was actually heading towards the city in the normal lane but was concerned for the people going towards Newtown having to deal with this obstacle.

  As far as I know there is no loading zone on Wilson St, I'm not exactly sure what the requirements of the buildings are (they are mostly residential) so I'll guess the truck driver was really to lazy to find a proper parking spot and wheel his parcels 50m.

I snapped this pic and used the SnapSendSolve app to shoot it off to City of Sydney council.  Haven't heard anything back yet but it's better than nothing.


  1. Well done on reporting the driver. I wonder if it is actually a road code offence and hence a police matter but.

  2. I think it's a council thing, the parking inspectors would have jumped straight on it as it's clearly signed as a no stopping zone.