The ridiculous bikes of Sydney

It's been about a month now that I sold my car, it was a 1963 Beetle which I had for 8 years.  Very sad to see it go, but as I was only driving it maybe 2 times a month it had to go.  Strangely enough I haven't really missed it all that much, I have the option of GoGet or borrowing my partner's car. As a commemoration of my carlessness I've decided to do...


 1. Improvised basket
I snapped this pic after I noticed the ingenious basket made from netting and a set of clip on triathlon bars.  Not only can you carry your shopping, you can time trial to the cereal aisle as well!  Note the baby seat and the lowrider racks too for extra cargo capacity.
2. Hi-Lo handlebars
This was outside at the markets, I think it was owned by one of the market sellers.  If you look closely you will see a high-rise stem, normally this would be used to give you an upright seating position.  Only on closer inspection, your preconceptions will be thwarted by the super low position offered by the inverted BMX riser handlebars.  
3. Footpath warrior

It must be very dangerous to ride on the shared paths, so dangerous in fact that it requires a full face colour coordinated helmet and a full Garmin-Chipolte team outfit.

4. Hipstermobile
Arrospok means you cut through the wind, narrow handlebars offer the ability to slip through the tiniest gaps in traffic, never mind that your shoulders and pedals are probably twice as wide.

5. Ghetto skirtguard 

This looked like an improvised skirtguard fashioned from what appeared to be old A3 size folio covers.  Hurrah for practicality, just needs some mudguards.

This last photo isn't at all bike related.  It may look quite ordinary, until you look closer that you will realise that the elderly gent is wearing 3D glasses outside of a 3D cinema.  Life never looked so three dimensional!  If you have any ridiculous bikes you've spotted please shoot them to me at  smutpedaller@gmail.comThanks for reading.


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