Impulse purchases

Whilst on a ride to Wollongong last weekend with a friend in preparation for a tour ride from Sydney to Canberra, I came across an antique store in Thirroul.  To my suprise an old road frame was there, what alerted me to it was the Reynolds 653 sticker!    It was a bit of an impulse buy as I had wanted an 80's style road race frame to supplement my cinelli.   I carried it all the way slung over my shoulder from there to Wollongong atop Mr Ramen my faithful tourer complete.  It must have looked funny as we rocked up to a cafe in Wollongong, the joke was that it was a spare just in case hehe.

Yours truly riding from Thirroul with frame and fork tucked into Carradice bag
As soon as I got it home, I chucked it on the scales.  Weight was 1920g and forks were 660g!   Very light and obviously must be Reynolds 653.  The seatpost diameter measured at about 27.0mm and the tubes themselves sounded very tinny.  The only bad thing was that the frame was a bit too big at 56cm sq.  I've owned a 56cm before and I could barely stand over it without possibly endangering my manhood, also the reach on a 56cm is too much unless I fit a short stem, like a 60mm which makes it look stupid and makes handling a bit unstable.

Columbus dropouts

Beautiful BB lug with webbing reinforcement

Top tube reads "Crafted by Keith Davis"

Sloped fork crown
 Anyway I've managed to sell the frame, hopefully this will finance another frame that is in my size.  That's all for now


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