Hey readers,
It's been a while since my last post.  The reason why is that I've been quite busy preparing for my move.  I'm moving to London for a few years just to work for a bit in my industry (Architecture) as well as for a change of pace and to do some travel, as well as some cycling in the UK and Europe.   I'm only taking one bike though, my trusty touring bike Mr Ramen.  Hopefully I'll get some nice touring in the countryside.  I decided to leave the Cinelli Xperience behind because it's not as versatile, and I'm not really sure what type of riding I'll do over there.  Whether I'll join a racing club again or will just be happy riding through a valley in the Swiss alps :)

I managed to pack my bike into the box that the Cinelli came in, I was quite surprised at how small you could make it once you removed the fork, wheels and dropped the seat.  I bound it all together with some rope and wrapped all the tubes in old rags and clothes to stop it getting scratched.

The airline restricts luggage size to a sum of 200cm of the width, height and depth.  I managed to pack it into 86cm x 75cm x 30cm, total weight was about 16kg including helmet, shoes pedals, mudguards and packaging etc.  Not too shabby.

All done!  I had to check it into oversize luggage but it was included into my check-in luggage allowance.  Hopefully it'll arrive in London in once piece.  Wish me luck!


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