Locked up in London

Here's a few bikes I've seen around London locked up in various strange ways, as well as some just plain interesting bikes.  The one above was spotted in Soho, I still have no idea why it was locked up upside down, unless it was a prank...

A nice Pashley princess with Brooks Brick lane panniers (not cheap!),
only thing was that it was locked up around the stem!  Removing the
stem with an allen key would free this whole bike.

Some cool small wheel tandem in Chinatown

A Bakfiet spotted in Hammersmith

A cute Raleigh RSW in Brick Lane

Big bike rack at Liverpool St Station

And finally, an ex-Royal mail Pashley Mailstar

Sachs Torpedo 3 speed hub and a nice big front rack and basket

Royal Mail branded front dynamo light and drum brake

Made in Stratford upon Avon

The Mailstar has the rack independent of the steering
which is the best way to bear a load on the front.
Hebie Kickstand and SRAM/Sachs 3 Speed Torpedo hub with drum.
Note the braze on reaction arm bracket.

Note the thick 13g spokes and protector over the
drive side axle end to protect the indicator chain

This bike was made to be tough, kind of like
the bike equivalent of a ute or van.
There's quite a lot of nice old, and strange bikes locked up around London. Thanks for reading!


  1. Re: the first Pashley: Just because you have enough money for a fancy bike doesn't necessarily mean you're smart enough to have it.
    (Of course, after saying that, I remember a couple times where I thought I locked my bike up, but didn't. It was still there when I got back, though.)

    Re: the mail Pashley: If you come across spares of this lovely bike, feel free to send one this way!