Cycling in London

I spotted this riding home one night...  I have no idea what he did when he had to stop.  At least any drivers would have trouble saying they didn't see him!

The Barclays Cycle Superhighway is pretty good in some sections, like at the crossing at the Southwark bridge where you get a protected lane going in each direction.

Most of it however is hit and miss, quite often cars will just stop right over the bike boxes meant for you to get to the front of the queue on your bike.

Also trucks have a habit of parking right on the lanes when they're not supposed to.  The CS7 route which I often take is no stopping during peak hours 7am-7pm, this was taken at about 6:30pm.  One time I saw an Evans Cycles big truck parked right over the bike lane making a delivery of bikes to one of their stores, the irony was killing me I assure you.

People love bloody hi-vis in this country!  It's like about 3 out of every 4 cyclists will be wearing a hi-vis jacket of some sort.  It's not just cyclists though, Police and anyone else in uniform love getting decked out in hi-vis; I even saw a group of joggers in the park wearing all hi-vis.  It's actually difficult to see anything when the back of your retinas is being burned out by the fluorescent yellow and orange sheen of "Safety".

I spotted this great old Raleigh Superbe in the racks, 4-speed dynamo hub with original dry battery unit on the seat tube.

No it's not snowing in London anymore, a while back I met up with one of the readers who also had a very similar Superbe.  They look quite different through they way they have been modified (or unmodified) even though they came out of the factory nearly identical a few years apart.

I ordered some bits from and realised how ridiculous their packaging is, that is all the big box contained...

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  1. Re: The First Photo: Tall bicyclists usually like to find a street sign pole/lamp post to lean against/hold onto for stops.