Netherlands Part 2: We love orange!

  My visit to the Netherlands also coincided with Queens day which is normally on the 30th of April, this is a day where main streets in Amsterdam are closed off to cars and they become engulfed by people dressed in orange - Oranjegekte or orange crazy.  There are many impromptu street parties all over the place as well as customary flea markets.

On our way to the train station to Amsterdam

The canals become busy with people drinking on boats

The only way to get about for police is by bike
in such big crowds 
Although taking your kids around on a Bakfiets
probably isn't the best idea on Queens day

  Back to Delft now, there are so many small things that make cycling convenient and easy like these awesome little street bike sheds used by nearby residents.  Much like most cities and towns in Europe, housing is reasonably dense so there is little storage space.   Having street bike storage that is protected from the elements encourages cycling, it's just another little thing that makes cycling an everyday activity.

Off to the shops in matching jackets

Another Brompton, one of Britain's great
innovative exports

A shop in Rotterdam Central has a
bike parts section

Although I only spent a small amount of time in Amsterdam itself, just being in the Netherlands for a week showed me how cycling can be such an integral part of day to day activity.  Good infrastructure and small details really add up and make it easy and simple.  That's all for now, thanks for reading.


  1. Street sheds? How cool is that? Thanks for sharing your great photos. I wish they were presented much larger in your blog.

  2. Thanks for reading. Do you mean a larger picture or more detail?

  3. I love the Bike Pod what a great idea