Flower run

Columbia Road jam packed on a Sunday morning. Photo: Magnus D
London is peppered with markets, particularly on the weekends the local characters come out to play and ordinary weekday streets are transformed into buzzing hives of sellers, gawkers and shoppers.  Markets range from the antiques at Portobello Road in London's northwest to the Columbia Rd flower market  in Hackney in London's east end.  Early every sunday morning flower vendors line the streets with a vast assortment of lilies, peonies, roses and pretty much any flower you can think of.

Whoever thought flowers could be so badass. Photo: Lyra

Fancy a few pots? Photo: Lyra
I'm quite fond of flowers and I needed some plants to spruce up my windowsill, so usually I will take the Raleigh along to pick up some flowers.  This time I got a bunch of sunflowers, some rosemary plants, French lavender, a chilli plant and some thyme.

Loaded up full of flowers and plants, the bike was about 1m wide because of the extra long sunflower stalks, although I wasn't the only one on the street with such a wide load.

Now I just have to make sure I don't kill these, as I have been known to be able to kill cacti in the past.  Thanks for reading.


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