Odds and ends spotted in London and elsewhere

Yes, it's been a while since I last updated.  Here's a slide show of bike related snaps I have taken over the past few months, starting with a team car I spotted on the way to work on the day of the Olympic men's time trial.

Nice touring bike, T.A. Cyclotouriste cranks, MAFAC centrepulls,
Suntour dérailleurs

Cargo nets can come in useful for other things

Spotted at the Boris bike dock, I guess they didn't
dock it correctly.
People often notice your bike and sometimes leave little notes or things.  They can range from leaving rubbish in your basket or notes of admiration, here's a few I spotted.

One might wonder which came first

I thought this was a nice gesture, you see a lot of badly locked bikes
Particularly when a high end expensive lock is used
to only lock the chain and some of the spokes... 
Or worse yet make it look really obvious and
only lock the front wheel

Or you could hide it in this bike rack

I quite often spot strange or quirky customisations, sometimes I have no idea why they were done but other times they are just hilarious.

Spotted this custom handlebar setup made from
a pair of MTB bar ends
Or a custom seat for giving lifts,
some people like the feeling of outdoors.
A cool little folder bike converted into an
awesome 80's BMX style custom

The back of a bike can also serve as a comical substitute for a table in some situations as well.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Smut Pedaller is back!

    Hey, do you have a flickr photostream?

  2. Hey, I've just been a bit buried in my work and also a bit lazy too. I do have a flickr stream here http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonissecretlyascientologist/ but it's been a while since I updated.