A little salt never hurt anyone...

It was snowing a few weeks ago in London, even though I don't come from a particularly snowy country, I find it amusing how badly they deal with snow in England.  The main roads get salted and plowed, but often trains stop running and chaos usually ensues from only 10cm of snow.  The picture above shows CS3 (Cycle superhighway 3) in east London early on a Monday morning after a weekend of snow.  The main road has been salted and is clear, however the "superhighway" is still covered in snow and is not easily rideable; I just cycled on the road instead.  If they really want people to cycle they will have to take these cycle superhighways seriously and treat them like normal roads.

However, on the way home I found that they had salted it, about a day or two late though.  It wasn't plowed however, and the salt was just in big lumps so there still was some bits they missed.  Even better was this obstacle down the road, this pic was taken a little later after the snow melted.

The signposts are covering a manhole or something like that, when this happens on the road they usually put a deck on it so traffic can just go over it.   This obstacle forces you to either squeeze through a 40cm wide gap or just go on the road. Why didn't they just put a deck over it here like they would on a normal road?  London really needs to take these superhighways a little more seriously because a lot of people depend on them to get to work every day.


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