The Bar bag Part 3: Klickfix modification

Continuing from the previous part where I modified the handlebar bag, this part covers the modification of the handlebar bag's Klickfix bracket.  To get it to fit to the rack I would need to get the bracket to sit flush to the upright of the front rack and securely fix to it.  This would mean that the weight of the bag is directly supported by the rack and the bracket would hold the bag in place.  I started by filing the inside face of the bracket so it would fit over the 8mm tubes of the upright of the front rack.

Once I had filed it so it fit snugly, I sawed off the edges of the bracket.  I had to remove a fair bit of material, hopefully it should be still structurally sound.  The bracket now is only holding the bag in place, not supporting it's weight so it should be ok.

The bracket will fix onto the rack by clamping onto these aluminium plates I made.

However as the bolts on the backside were fixing at an angle, and I couldn't find any tapered spacers I had to make some myself from solid aluminium rod.  I started by drilling a small 2mm pilot hole in the centre of it.

Then followed up with a 4mm hole which was then sawn at an angle and split in half then done again to make two pairs.

Hey presto! Now I have four tapered spacers which would allow a nice even clamping force on the backside of the bracket.

After doing a test fit I realised the central portion of the bracket was getting in the way of the lower clamp so I had to saw it off, a bit ugly but it isn't a structural bit and it won't be visible.

Test fitting the spacers, which would allow proper clamping onto the fixing bolts.

And... we're done!  Now the bag will sit a lot lower with the weight supported by the rack but with the convenience of a modern Klickfix mount.

Although not the cleanest install, it's not too bad for a home job.

Cockpit view: I switched to a 80mm stem partly because I felt the 100mm I had was a little long also the 80mm stem gives a bit more clearance behind the bag to rest my hands behind.

All done!  Now the handlebar bag now sits nice and low, but still maintains the convenience of the modern Klickfix quick release.  A welcome consequence of mounting the light forward on the front rack is that it has an uncluttered beam, previously when mounted at the brake bridge the front wheel would project a shadow which was a little annoying.  Now I should be all set for some riding without having to carry everything in my pockets.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice job Jon. My new job has me in Milperra most mornings between 7 and 7:30am, no time for early morning rides, nor can I ride to work as my new job requires that i drive. Am missing the commute (which I think i enjoyed more than the weekend rides when i think back, something lovely about transporting yourself under your own steam). Am enjoying your blog, i wish i was half as good as you with a saw, clamps and a drill!

  2. Thanks Hugh! It was a shame we didn't have enough time for a ride last time I was home.

  3. I tried your hack with a few mods of my own using an old mec handlebar bag and klikfix attachment. Works great with a 6 litre bag. Side note- I waterproofed my cordura bag with leakseal and spruced it up with a bit of black pray paint. An industrial look but seems to be holding up.Thank you for sharing your set up!

  4. very cool mod. I use this system too.