Winter ride

Once again it was time for a ride in the winter landscape.  This time I decided to go and do a part of the Chilterns Cycleway again, starting from Tring and looping around through Hertfordshire.

The first part of the ride set off through Ashridge estate, which was mostly a winding unpaved road winding through a foggy ancient forest.  Luckily there wasn't too much mud to hold us back.

Then onto the familiar laneways of the Chilterns...

Much of the road was wet and strewn with potholes, your typical sort of winter English conditions.

Then the sun decided to make an appearance as we got onto a disused railway which was converted into a recreational path called the Nickey Line.  It was a bit muddy and sometimes proved a little too much for my slick Strada Bianca tyres.

Then finally onto some back country lanes back to the start, just in time to see the sun start to set.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Looks really beautiful. Hope to get back to the area later in the year.

  2. i love that you can take your bike anywhere, it's making me want to swap out my current commuter early90's alu racing frame with a rando steel frame, and get some 32mm tyres on there.. any recommendations on a frame for someone wanting to make the change?

  3. Hey Hugh,
    Not sure if you can get the Genesis frameset in Aus, but I do recommend the Croix de Fer :) Also the Salsa Vaya is similar, as is the Surly Straggler. The Straggler has even more tyre clearance, it can fit up to 42mm tyres :)