Last of winter

Hi all, I must apologise.  It has been several months since my last post.  In the last few months I have bought a house and have been very busy renovating over the winter.   I have only recently begun to have a normal schedule at home very recently.  It is starting to warm up now so I will be posting more regularly as well.  Now, about this ride... not long ago it snowed over here in London, I thought what better way to enjoy it than to go for a ride in the north downs?

At this point I was freezing my feet off, as I had only just moved back into my house all my riding gear was packed up in bags and I couldn't find some of my winter specific gear like my winter shoe covers...

A few steep hills to go down...

Nonetheless the scenery was beautiful around Kent, you can see the oast houses in the distance

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for some more new posts!


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